Having a long history of production, Serin Trailer started producing trailers in the 1980s by producing axles. The stability of the model it develops and the axles that enable it to use for miles without maintenance have become a product that is exported to the Middle East countries at the same time while being preferred in the domestic market. Having produced the first trailer in the container carrier model in 1983, Serin reached today thanks to its good relationships with its customers. Serin Trailer, who attaches importance to quality and customer satisfaction, has taken the opposite of this policy more than the industry and became a brand that has been kept in a short time. Emphasizing on R & D policies, Serin was very careful about customer expectations and kept himself fit and constantly growing in constant change and development. As a matter of course, machine parks and factory areas have grown steadily over the years and the employment capacity provided by the sector has continued to increase. Important line headings in the development line of the Cool Trailer; In 1991, 12.000 m2 factory building in the 2nd Organize industrial area served the second factory in 20.000 m2 in the 3rd Organized Industrial Zone in 2005. In order to be closer to the customers, the superstructure production and service facility started to serve in the Hadımköy region which is one of the logistics centers of Istanbul. In 2006, Serin transformed the paint production unit into a 6000 m2 closed and oven-like structure, giving it a first-in-the-industry five-year stainless guarantee. Serin, which opened the largest spare parts storage area of ​​the industry in 2011, has brought a new breath to the sector in terms of speed and quality in after sales services. By combining galvanization technology and products in the year of 2015, Serin started to produce products with at least 10 years of stainless guarantee. The needs of the logistics sector are growing day by day. Following this development closely, Serin started to work towards establishing R & D Center by transforming R & D unit into institutional. Delivering its products from Konya to many points of the world, Serin is rightfully proud to increase its contribution to my country every passing day.

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